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The Buzz: Diversifying programming

Time (and this guy) absolutely flies.

It is time again for our quarterly update on AAMP and some of the incredible things that we’ve had happen over the last few months. Our last quarter included some of the most exciting events we’ve ever had. There were sold out shows like Movements at The Beehive, we hosted the pre-show to Salt Lake’s very first hardcore festival The Wild West Fest, Benefit shows that raised money for some great causes with the Illwill-o-ween Gearfund Collective benefit show and the benefit for displaced residents of Rose Park, and the premiers of some exciting new monthly events like Draw with the Devil. The Beehive felt alive and in our element, with so many memorable nights and such incredible community representation, we can’t wait to see what happens next.

At the end of last quarter we set some short-term goals for the next 6 months. The first on our list was to diversify our programming. The beehive has always been home to artists of all types, but the vast majority of the resources we’ve generated for our local artists have centered around musicians, so we set a goal to try to have 15% of our programming include other artforms. We’re now 3 months into that plan, and we’re well on our way. Since making our goal, we have added a monthly live figure drawing class (Draw with the Devil), a poetry slam, a quarterly market curated by Bleached and Bewitched, and the triumphant return of a drag show that had taken a hiatus due to covid. We are working on plans for a monthly local art show, as well as a new cabaret that teams up local performers to curate a unique experience each show.

We also made some financial goals, including our first ever fundraising campaign which we are happy to announce was a big success. We were able to accomplish our goal for the campaign, and more importantly, raise a lot of awareness about what AAMP is and what we do. We got incredible T-shirts from the talented Ricky Vigil that are still available for any donation of $50 or more, including a monthly recurring donation of $5, and there was an outpouring of love and support from our community that was Incredibly powerful to see. December is historically a slower month for shows, but a great month for community building! We held our first ever community holiday party, celebrating with making ornaments and decorating the tree, painting marquee letters to be festive, a holiday feast, lots of friends old and new, and fun. It was a great night with a better than expected turnout and we’re so excited to make it a tradition.

In the three months remaining for our initial short term goals, we have some big plans at AAMP. Our next big improvement project at The Beehive is a newly renovated box office/ticket booth area, which has always been a bit of an oversight. The new ticket area will include a coat check, increase security for cash transactions, and provide additional storage for merch and cleaning supplies. It’s a functional and aesthetic upgrade to The Beehive that it has needed for a while. We’re also including funding plans for the street team we introduced last quarter, giving them a more consistent budget for the incredible work they’ve done and some of the creative ideas they continuously bring to the table, and we’re excited to expand into the realm of workshops, networking opportunities, and other fields as our funding solidifies and we’re able to take on more goals!

Thank you everyone for the ongoing support we see from all of you. Our community has never been stronger, and it continues to grow every day. This upcoming quarter is going to be centered around solidifying our foundation and our role in Utah, and creating concrete plans to expand our capabilities to continue to grow. We’re able to do what we do because of each and every one of you who comes to shows, donates, or simply spreads the word about our mission. Thank you all for allowing us to maintain this space, and to celebrate our community in the best ways we know how.

From all of us at AAMP Utah,

Thank you.

Art and Music is for Everyone!!

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