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The Beehive

The Beehive is Utah's premiere DIY venue, owned and run entirely by musicians, artists, and community members from the local scene. It is the physical heart and home base of AAMP Utah and a second home for many of us.


Founded in 2018, The Beehive has been a haven for creatives in the heart of Salt Lake City. We've had the privilege of booking hundreds of concerts, art shows, pop-up markets, dance parties, and variety shows. 

Founded on DIY, inclusivity, and Community principles, The Beehive prioritizes bringing diverse and unique art and entertainment and doing whatever we can to celebrate and empower artists. It is home to organizing projects for activists and community mutual aid initiatives, facilitates meals and donations for unsheltered folks, and is a creative space to workshop performances and art projects.

The Beehive allows AAMP Utah a physical location to bring our creative endeavors to fruition and a welcoming place for our thriving community to grow.


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