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KHYV - The Hive

KHYV - The HIVE is a Low Power, Non-Commercial FM radio station owned and operated by AAMP Utah!

Our Mission is to bring AAMP's values of creating a space for our unique alternative artists, and fostering our incredible local talent and community. 

This means a radio station where you can hear poetry, story telling, artist interviews, alternative news reporting, improv  and theater, and of course incredible local music and locally curated shows. 

We strongly believe in the power of community radio to grow and empower our local artists, and are proud to be part of a long history of incredible stations around the country that have fought for independent music on the airwaves!

KHYV is in the fundraising stages of it's existance. We have  been approved and are all set to go, but radio stations are expensive! If you are able to contribute to our goal please click the donate button on the top of your screen or the button below!

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