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Artist Resources

AAMP Utah started as an idea to help the DIY community in Utah achieve it's full potential. We've grown from creating an artist and musician run venue, to programs that help all types of artists and musicians accomplish their goals.

Our Programs

From sound engineering to artist consultations, AAMP Utah has a unifying goal of making art accessible to everyone. Through our network of professionals we offer help to local artists, bands, and other entertainment acts find whatever they need to create at their full potential.


Recording Engineers

We have a dedicated team of sound engineers to help create albums and musical experiences for people who would otherwise not have the resources.


Visual Artists

With workshops on everything from art basics to pricing your art and making creating a full-time job, our artist teams can help with any questions you may have in your artistic journey


Band Resources

Help with booking, tour networking, or merch and marketing; we have answers to any and all questions from experienced, professional, working musicians

Alternative art forms

AAMP Utah's support encompasses everything from graffiti art to interpretive dance! Let us help make your visions reality!


Our community is all about stories and finding creative ways to celebrate them. Here's a few that we've come across in our Journey

Never before have I been a part of a group of friends and community that felt so much like home. I'm a bit of a "chameleon" and I've been able to blend into a handful of different groups, clicks, etc. but I've always had to keep a guard up because I've never been able to be my 100% self at all times. The Beehive allows me to unapologetically be myself. The inclusivity, the sense of community, the gratifying and undying culture, it's all so endearing and filled with love in a world where not everyone is welcome in their respective locations. Support, encouragement, love, and music is what the world needs and The Beehive provides just that.


Love you all so much


There are few places like The Beehive in this city that provide a safe haven for people of all kinds. Here all oppressed and discriminated people are welcomed and made apart of a family. The Beehive is were I go to be with people who accept me and support me. The shows are just one expression of the hardcore/punk community in Salt Lake. The long conversations over vegan food, inside jokes, and mutual aid can be found here. I know the Beehive to always full support and defend Black Lives, LGBTQ and Indigenous people.


When I first moved to Utah at the age of 13, I didn’t know anyone at all. One of my first friends was Sam. We were both weird awkward kids. Flash forward to 2021, post-covid, and I finally go to one of their shows that they’ve been begging me to go to since we were in high school. It was at the Beehive. That was my first local show, and I’ve been to a lot more since then. The Beehive is special to me for being all ages and such a welcoming environment. I love getting to support the local scene and learn about new music.


Beehive SLC is always going to have an incredibly important place in my heart; I saw a couple of concerts leading up to December, which was the subject of me and my aunt's last conversation before she passed away the night of the 6th, we had talked about going to see a show together soon, and so now I make plans to see shows there whenever I miss her.                 


The Beehive has been a part of my life for only a short time, but I know that the experiences that I’ve had so far at shows there will have a positive lifelong effect on me. I’m thankful for venues and owners like this that help create an open and welcoming environment. I can tell that those involved are passionate about what they do.


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