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Ways to Contribute

AAMP Utah depends on community support from grants, individual donors, and from local business sponsorships to make our programs the best they can be.


Individual donations connect you to the community, letting you see your impact right before your eyes.

Those donations go directly to improving The Beehive, funding projects, or ensuring that artists and staff receive fair compensation, allowing us to continue to ensure that diverse, interesting, and unique artistic experiences are a part of the Utah art scene for generations to come.

We accept donations at any time through the online service linked on this site, or in person at The Beehive or any AAMP Utah sponsored events.


Beehive Street Team

Learn the ins and outs of DIY marketing, help with the production and distribution of show flyers, and get to know the AAMP Utah Team!


We offer internships for eligible folks who want experience in live sound production and engineering.

Become a Sponsor


Sponsorship programs for local businesses are available, please reach out to us below


Want to become a sponsor? Contact us

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