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AAMP Community interview series: Bob Godden

Today we're sitting down with one of our favorite people, guitar wizard, sound guru, cab fab aficionado, excel pro, and probably the only guy who could get me to care about hockey... Bob Godden.

A: Start this off for us Bob, give us the rundown of what you do?

B: Try my hardest! I build custom cabinets and customize and refurbish existing amps and cabinets through my business "Soundflower"

I'll also build sound and music related odds and ends, amp/gear/whatever boxes, I record and mix and master out of my home studio, I run live sound at the beehive, and I play in a handful of local bands.

A: What got you into building and rebuilding cabs?

B: Post pandemic, after we started playing live again, I had beat up gear and I didn't want it to be beat up anymore. being the handy fellow I am, I decided to do it my self, and I ended up falling in love with the process.

A: you're a transplant to utah, What brought you out to salt lake?

B: The F#&$ of it! I was not having the best time in California and had signs that told me to move.

There were 3 spots on a map, seattle, minneapoils , and Salt lake... and the mountains won me over.

A: Tell us about the give away. what lead your decision to create proxy votes?

B: I know that when I was a kid I was searching for a lot of different outlets, and ultimately came upon guitar, and It took me way too long to get into, lets call it "the back end" of guitar which is the gear and the tone and the sounds behind playing. If i can help someone advance their playing by any amount of time frame, that's definitely a win for me, Especially those who really need that outlet.

A: Give us the vision of how this goes, who do you want to end up with this awesome setup?

B: Ultimately someone from the LGBTQIA+ community who may not otherwise have the means to get into a reliable rig, and could benefit from having something dependable. I focused on the LGBTQIA+ community because it took me a long time to discover who i am as a person, and if i am able to connect with someone who might also not fully know who they are through a shared passions like music, i feel like I'm helping the younger version of myself who didn't have many of those opportunities.

A: Give us a plug on some of your local projects?

B: First and foremost, Snake eyez

I also play guitar with my good buddy in his band "Derek Christiansen"

I'm currently starting a band with members of "Snuff Tape" and "Portraits"

and I'm in a recording project called "Hornbill"

A: Are all of those on all the things?

B: They are all streaming everywhere, and keep an eye out for the new project to drop something by the end of the year.

A: Give us your sleeper album. what's the under rated record we need to check out?

B: Say Hello to Sunshine by Finch is CRIMINALLY under rated.

A: That's all I've got... sign offs, shout outs, and final plugs?

B: Thank you to Salt Lake Hardcore for accepting me with open arms being a fucking newbie, i know that's not the easiest thing to welcome someone new to something that's existed for a long time, but this is the first time in my life that I've felt like a part of a much larger community and it feels fucking wonderful.

Listen to Lane and the Chain, Listen to Snuff Tape, Listen to Milk Money, Listen to Choice Coin, Listen to Absolved, Listen to Victim to None, Listen to Hoppy, Listen to Sunfish, Listen to Portraits, Listen to Social Stigma, Listen to Narc, Listen to Ribbons, Listen to Sonnets, Listen to Fight the Future, Eat at the Beastro and go Straight Edge.

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